From the Makers of You Are What You Eat

Celador Productions are producing an ambitious new show which aims to reverse the damage that living an unhealthy lifestyle has done to the body - inside and out., especially their gums.

We need participants (aged 30's - 50's) who are (rightly) worried about their health, and want to get into much better habits. We're especially interested in featuring heavy smokers / people who need to lose weight / regular drinkers and / or anyone who's lifestyle isn't doing their health any favours..

Participants are given a thorough medical - including analysis of liver/kidney/heart function etc, and then they spend 8 weeks putting a custom made regime into practice which aims to undo the damage caused by a toxic lifestyle.

For further information or a confidential chat, please contact:

Ali Beattie
Celador Productions Ltd
Direct Tel: 07958 033 455
Fax: +44 (0)20 7497 9541

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Posted by: The Gum Disease Information Bureau
Article Date: May 28th 2010