Interdental Brushes

No toothbrush alone can thoroughly clean the edge of the gum line, particularly between the teeth in the interdental spaces. However, it is precisely plaque between the teeth that has such an influence on oral health and hygiene, and ultimately tooth retention.

A very special tool is required for this critical area - and that is an interdental brush with the space filling attributes so crucial for effective cleaning and removal of dental plaque.

Ultrafine interdental brushes with long filaments that fit into each interdental space are required. A brush that fails to fill the space can only do its job badly, or not at all. Success is guaranteed when the interdental brush effectively cleans the whole space with long, soft filaments that remove the plaque but do not damage the gums.

It’s all in the quality of the design! Only Curaprox brushes are made of nickel free CURAL surgical wire offering extreme durability with the thinnest of cores. This high-yield surgical grade alloy will last much longer than other brushes on the market as it can withstand far more bending to and fro, inherent in the use of interdental brushes.

Curaprox interdental brushes completely fill the interproximal space and thus can effectively clean any debris away. This is achieved because of the length and the softness of the filaments. Using a Curaprox interdental brush is far less traumatic than other brushes on the market, and will last up to 5 times longer.


Interdental Brushing Technique

Step 1:
Place the interdental brush at the edge of the interproximal space, gently probing to find the angle of entry that allows you to insert the brush without any force.

Step 2:
Without actually inserting the tip, move the angle of the brush to the horizontal.

Step 3:
Insert the brush through the interproximal space til it reaches the other side.  Move it back and forth once only.  Rinse the brush under running water.