DECAPINOLMouthwash and Toothpaste – A new and intelligent way to prevent gum disease

DECAPINOLreduces symptoms associated with gum disease, e.g. bleeding gums, inflammation & the build up of plaque.

DECAPINOL creates an invisible barrier that physically prevents bacteria from forming plaque and adhering to the tooth surfaces reducing bleeding and inflammation.

Unlike other dental products DECAPINOL gently and safely protects against gum disease by preserving the healthy oral flora.

DECAPINOLis clinically effective in prevention against plaque and gum disease as shown in multiple clinical studies.

Key features and benefits

DECAPINOLcontains the key ingredient delmopinol hydrochloride (0.2%)

Delmopinol forms the barrier and makes existing plaque unstable and easy to remove

DECAPINOLprevents further establishment of plaque to the tooth surface

DECAPINOL does not cause the permanent staining of the teeth and tongue associated with other leading brands

“When I used DECAPINOL Mouthwash and Toothpaste, I noticed my teeth and gums felt healthier” Adams, J Surrey

“After trying DECAPINOL I noticed less bleeding of the gums and an overall healthy feeling” Sahid, M Middlesex

“The light tingling of the tongue showed me immediately, that it was working, my gums felt healthier and stronger.” Parrott, S Glasgow


DECAPINOLprovides a healthy long-term plaque management.



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